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15 Cozy Farmhouse Design and Décor Ideas to Try at Home

Farmhouse décor and interior design style is often associated with the feeling of warmth and coziness. The materials used are typically natural and many accent pieces are handmade. This style is classic, but it remains functional even in modern times. The primary goal of this style is simplicity and avoidance of clutter. Flair added to the space is minimal and focus is on practical uses of available space. Most widely used materials are stone and wood, and they are often reused or reclaimed from other purposes and points of use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farmhouse as a style is all about letting the natural look of the materials create the ambiance. It’s about minimalism.
  • It’s no fuss and pared down. It’s practical home-living, without a lot of gewgaws, like grandma and grandpa did it once upon a time.
  • Accessories can be pretty. But the key is practicality. Pottery items, for example that can serve as vases, utensil-holders etc.

“Modern farmhouse is all over design shows, and for good reason: this design style is relaxed, warm, and inviting.”

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