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15 Pine Cone Wreath Ideas.

With the holidays fast-approaching, it’s time to give your home its holiday face. While many might go for the latest in uber-digitalized décor, many still appreciate a rustic and country-home approach to Christmas decorating. If the latter is really your style, consider decorating with pine cone wreaths. Of course pine cones are homey sweet-smelling and naturally redolent of Christmas. But there’s something else about pine cones. They’re free and available to just about anyone with the initiative to get outside and find some pine trees. And, if that’s truly not possible, they can be conveniently and inexpensively sourced via your local craft store. Doing it yourself with pine cones is inexpensive, fun and a breeze. In fact, one blogger attests to having no less than 15 specific pine cone wreath ideas. The simplest plan, of course, is to add sparkle and color. Paint your pine cones with seasonal hues. Or, spray them with metallic glitter. Glue festive, seasonal items on your cones. Consider, snowflakes, birds, Santas, sleds, etc. For traditionalists, there is also always the perennial classic a big, bright bow.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can create a rustic, country Christmas vibe in your home by making A DIY pine cone wreathe.
  • Pine cones are such an easy and versatile Christmas décor staple that one blogger attests to having no less than 15 tried and true ways to use them.
  • One easy way to use pine cones in wreathes is to spray paint them with seasonal colors or metallic gold or silver.

“Which let’s be honest most people don’t live in the mountains or a place they can go grab a handful of pine cones easily.”

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