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How to Decorate for Christmas Using Thrifted Finds

For those of us who like to decorate, going all out during holidays is not that uncommon. However, not everyone can have a big budget for decorations, and perhaps no one really should have it. The truth is that with a little bit creativity and effort, you can come across great finds in stores that cater to thrifty buyers. Many of these finds are vintage, which can be especially nostalgic during Christmas and winter holidays. The best way to shop in these establishments is to go in with your mind open to different styles.

Key Takeaways:

  • A key to finding great thrift buys is to keep coming, as inventory changes a lot. Also, think outside the box, when it comes to holiday decor.
  • Have a holiday theme. But keep it loose and kind of general. That way you’re not tied down to a specific color, for example.
  • Rustic baskets, for example, are great for stuffing with holly and ivy, Christmas greens, candy canes, winter berries, etc.

“If you have been following me for any time than you know I love to go thrifting. I believe you can find anything and everything you will need to make your home festive and ready for Christmas just from your local thrift store. This is a passion of mine because I know not everyone has the money especially this year to go all out for new Christmas decorations.”

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