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How to Simplify Hosting (Simple Cider and Donuts Gathering)

Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are just around the corner and these are the times when we get together with family and friends. Some of us will be hosting, and those that have done this before know that, despite all the joys of gathering together, the whole experience can be quite stressful. Yet, when you actually consider it, most of the stress comes from us, as we set the high expectations and we have a desire to make everything perfect. Simplifying the experience can take some of the anxiety away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instead of hosting a circle of dear friends with elegant cheeses and canapes, why not have a doughnut and cider spree?
  • Enjoy a nip of fall air and the warmth of an outdoor fire pit. Your guests will love it.
  • A touch of music is never out of place. You can holiday. Or sprinkle in some easy listening, jazz, blues or dance tunes.

“I’m here to encourage you that it’s not only OK to keep things far more SIMPLE, but impromptu or informal gatherings (even around the holidays!) can be just as much (if not more!) fun and memorable as the fancy formal ones.”

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