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Interior Design Style Quiz

Determining the design style of your home can be overwhelming. Since people resonate with different interior designs, and some prefer a combination of several styles, designers usually spend a decent amount of time with clients navigating through different styles of design. This article provides a quiz for people to take that will help them decide what design styles they prefer when decorating their home. It is a quick and easy quiz that consists of eight questions, none written.

Key Takeaways:

  • Designers like to take new clients through the different styles of design to see what they gravitate towards.
  • This quiz can help determine whether you favor Scandinavian, contemporary, coastal, farmhouse, southwestern or some other style.
  • The three-minute quiz features eight questions of 20-30 images; just select the ones you like.

“It is important to note that styles are constantly changing and evolving, and many people can be a combination of several styles.”

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