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Tips on Making your Christmas Gift Wrapping Memorable and Cozy

While children might rush to tear open their presents, adults are more likely to slowly open them. For them, attractive wrapping is part of the experience. Well-wrapped Christmas gifts can also add to your home decor when placed under the tree or on the mantel. To make a gift more memorable, consider tying an ornament or other item (e.g., cookie-cutter, tree branches with berries) on the top. Or consider wrapping the present with a scarf or a vintage grain sack pillowcase. Another idea is to use a map as wrapping paper. Alternatively, use stamps, drawings or using stickers on the paper.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tie an ornament, a cookie cutter or a pack of gardening seeds on top of the gift as an extra bonus.
  • Stop by a visitors center nearby and get free maps that you can use as wrapping paper to save money.
  • Get some pieces of branch, or berries and place them on top of the gift to give it an outdoorsy type vibe.

“The best thing about wrapping aesthetically pleasing and memorable Christmas gifts is that your home decor can also benefit from it! place them under your tree, a side table, or mantel for some temporary home decor!”

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